Intersolv's Multilink/Vb 2.04 
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 Intersolv's Multilink/Vb 2.04

  I am having problems connecting to an Oracle7 database using
Intersolv's DataDirect Multilink/VB 2.04. The qelink.vbx from
Intersolv is not being recognized by my VB4(16 bit) app.  
Qelink.vbx worked fine with VB3.
        The error messages I get are Invalid Connect Control and
Invalid Query Control. In other words, the controls are not being
recognized by VB4. I have also loaded the qelink.txt into a
module. So I really am confused.
        The people at Intersolv's tech. support say that the
version 2.04 is perfectly compatible with VB4(16 bit).
        I hope one of you can help me.

Tue, 03 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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