MSDN font broken...need help 
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 MSDN font broken...need help

I'm using VB6 and MSDN has worked fine for over a year until now...
I've must have installed something that breaks what font MSDN is using...

When I brink up MSDN to a window like the "Label control"  (or any control)
The second line down that has the selectable things like....
"See Also       Examples        Properties       Methods     Events"
Are in a font that looks like Russian!  They are in Blue and are selectable
but are unreadable.

PS everything else is in English as expected.  This happens with anything
   in the VB documentation BUT does not happen in the MSDN docs for...
    VB++, or Interdev, or J++, or Sourcesafe!

Thu, 25 Mar 2004 20:55:56 GMT  
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