Somebody please help me to create an Excel Workbook w/sheets from VB4.0 
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 Somebody please help me to create an Excel Workbook w/sheets from VB4.0

Needs help on the following matters:

1. How to make one (1) XLS-file with 4 sheets inkluded.
2. How to adress the different sheets, so that I can write data to the
cells from an imported file using VB4.0
3. How to name the different sheets.

I have found out how to create and save different sheets (1 XLS-file = 1
sheet) using:

        Dim X as Object
        Set X = CreateObject ("Excel.Sheet")
        X.cells(x1,y1).Value = <variable>

        X.Saveas = <filename>
        X = Nothing

but this does not help me.

Sorry about my lousy English.

I am greatful for every hint I can get...

?yvind Hjelmengen

Mon, 24 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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