Colour Text Box/Class Wrapper for Rich Text Box 
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 Colour Text Box/Class Wrapper for Rich Text Box

I am looking for a class wrapper for the Rich Text Box.  Does anyone have any
good wrapper classes for this? If so, could you please tell me where I could
get a copy or if you do not know where that was email me a copy. Or even
better, has anyone made a control (source would be required) to mimic what mIRC
has done with coloured text? As in multiple colours in one control. Only need
one colour per line but each line needs to be able to have a different colour.
I thought of trying to do something with a list box but i need to be able to
wrap at different widths (i.e. resizeable form).  Any suggestions on this?


Sat, 15 Mar 2003 23:22:32 GMT  
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