TWAIN scanner code to check 
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 TWAIN scanner code to check

I decided I would like to use my scanner from a VB3 program so I wrote
some code which uses EZTWAIN.DLL. I have seen a few posts to this
group requesting information on this topic so my first effort was some
sample code. Before posting this code I would appreciate it if someone
would check it for me. If you have a TWAIN device and you would not
mind spending a little time looking at the code email me and I will
email it back to you. If you are a Device Independent Bit Map guru you
may even care to improve my code by avoiding my use of the ClipBoard.
If some sample code already exists please let me know where it is. If
you don't want to see my code but would like EZTWAIN.DLL or other
information on TWAIN you can find it at   http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

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