Remote data access objects 
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 Remote data access objects

This question is regarding behaviour of Remote Data access objects.

If I create a Visual Basic Recordset ( Dynaset ) object in a remote
OLE server and pass down a reference of this OLE object to a client
application, when I operate on the dynaset does the code execute on
the server or on the client ? ( I guess that the answer is the server)

We know that a new dynaset can be created from an existing dynaset.
Eg.  Set NewDS = OldDS.CreateDynaset

Will the newly created dynaset ( from the reference of a remote
dynaset object ) be a local object or remote object. Where are the key
set maintained ? If I execute any method on the new dynaset, does the
code execute on the remote server or on the client ?

Thanks in advance

Sun, 13 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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