Using INF to install Client for Microsoft Networks??? 
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 Using INF to install Client for Microsoft Networks???

I am creating an installer for a client in Visual Basic 4.0 32Bit. The
software needs to have "Slip and Scripting for Dial-Up Networking" and
"Client for Microsoft Networks" installed to work properly.

I can add "Slip and Scripting for Dial-Up Networking" by running the
[DefaultInstall] in Rnaplus.inf (which appears to be the same as [CSLIP]).
However, when I try to add the "Client for Microsoft Networks" by running the
[VREDIR.Install] in Netcli.inf (which seems to be the only file used for this
because there is no [DefaultInstall]), it installs all the drivers and files,
but it does not actually add the Client for Microsoft Networks...

Arrg...I'm getting frustrated. When I "manually" install the "Client for
Microsoft Networks" it adds all the same files, et al just as it does when I
run [VREDIR.Install] in Netcli.inf...EXCEPT it actually adds the "Client for
Microsoft Networks" -- is there another inf file I am missing? Perhaps a []
section I do not have? Is there a binary I need to run??? It appears that
something is missing after I run [VREDIR.Install] in Netcli.inf.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Wed, 01 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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