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 VB Call to VC DLL

I'm trying to call a Visual C DLL from a Visual Basic program.
I've searched for examples hi & low and the only one I found only
showed how to pass to integers by value. I need to call a DLL by passing
integers, strings and arrays and upon return, the values need to be
modified from the DLL.

I've included the simple example I found in a book. I would appreciate if
someone could give me an example of a VB call to a Visual C DLL, passing
an integer, string & array by reference. If someone could recommend a book
that goes into calling DLL's from Visual Basic, I would appreciate that

*** Visual Basic Calling Code Example ***

Declare Function SimpleCalc Lib "H:\2a\vb\testdll\scalcwin"
                                (ByVal Parm1%, ByVal Parm2%) As Integer

Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim Parm1 As Integer
Dim Parm2 As Integer
dim RC as Integer

    Parm1 = 10
    Parm2 = 20
    RC = SimpleCalc(Parm1, Parm2)

End Sub

*** Visual C 1.5 DLL Example ***
#include <string.h>      
#include <windows.h>

 int _far _Pascal  SimpleCalc(int Parm1, int Parm2);
 int _far _pascal  SimpleCalc(int Parm1, int Parm2)
     return (Parm1 * Parm2);


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