protected mode pointer to a buffer ?? 
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 protected mode pointer to a buffer ??

Hi there,

i have problems sith using the "capi20.dll" - here is a descirption of
the specifications :

With this operation the application determines the manufacturer
identification of COMMON-ISDN-API (DLL). SzBuffer on call is a 16:16
(segmented) protected mode pointer to a buffer of 64 bytes.
COMMON-ISDN-API copies the identification string, coded as a zero
terminated ASCII string, to this buffer.
Function call

ParameterCommentSzBuffer16:16 (segmented) protected mode pointer to a
buffer of  64 bytes
Return Value
Return ValueComment0x0000No error

How can i use this function with VB3 prof ??
Is it possible to make a protected mode pointer ??

Many thanks for your help.....

MfG Simon K.        (PGP-KEY on request)

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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