-------------- HELP NEEDed by VB NEWBIE ----------------------------------------------------------------- 
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 -------------- HELP NEEDed by VB NEWBIE -----------------------------------------------------------------

Hi There,
         Im a Management Information Systems Coordinator in England, currently
working with Excel 4.0 macros and Excel 5.0 VBA modules, as well as
having had some experience in creating medium sized access

        I am a business Information Systems graduate also, and have had much
experience in methodologies and database/application design.

        My next logical step seems to be VB4. I am a few weeks into an
intensive "teach myself" course with a pile of manuals - and loving

        So, if you are an experienced VB4 user, and would be kind enough to
donate some of your time for a worthy cause, or are a beginner, and
fancy an on-going chat regarding VB4, please reply, Id love to hear
from you.

Yours Faithfully,

Andi Daniels

Thu, 15 Apr 1999 02:00:00 GMT  
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