Comdl32.ocx won't load 
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 Comdl32.ocx won't load


I had the same problem on my computer. I my eyes the problem was that there
was a newer version of comdlg32.ocx ( VB6 ) on my computer. the strange
thing was, after installing VBTOOLS of some 3rd party developpers the whole
thing work on my computer just fine. Distributing my programs to others, the
whole thing didn't work as in the beginning.

So one month ago I started to develop my own DLG.OCX - is not finished yet -
sorry !
So i can realize a few things that are not impemented in the standard COMDLG
of M$.

Check then versions of OCX and DLL's that might fix your problems.


Sat, 07 Feb 2004 15:05:01 GMT  
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