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 AVI codec

Hello everyone,

I use "VideoOCX" ocx for recording from my USB {*filter*}. VideoOCX is very good
component that works thrue windows video or something like it.

One possibility is to call form of installed codecs (thats in windows
alredy) that you can manualy select codec before recording, other
possibility is that is used dafault codec.

I want to record AVI file automatically with my installed codec. How to do

I have two subquestions:
    - how to select windows video source(cam1, cam2, screen,...)
            for now i have no problem with that - i have only one cam.
    - how to attach a sound to AVI file

Any help or tip would be most welcome

LP         Drago

Sat, 20 Mar 2004 16:40:20 GMT  
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