Encoding decoding what I think is ASCII/ECDB 
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 Encoding decoding what I think is ASCII/ECDB

I wonder if anyone here might know the answer on how to encode decode

6500AE26 -> 2444
6301AD23 -> 2571
630CA222 -> 4880

Also I have this one and if you can solve it and tell me what it's
encoded here I'm sure you got it to work as I know this line as well
but want a module that are sure to decode it right. Thanks.


Those values are from an encrypted URL I know that the values are
correct to the enctypted one but am not sure how to make a module that
would enctypt/decrypt any string I choose. I think it has something to
do with ASCII/ECDB and have searched around for it but not found

I know that one character is encoded to two characters but that it is
encoded different for the next letter or number is eg 65 is not always
a 2 depending on what number/letter comes after.

Any help most welcome! :)


Mon, 04 Aug 2003 09:43:50 GMT  
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