Please help me with MCI Multimedia Control Error #322 
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 Please help me with MCI Multimedia Control Error #322


I'm writing  a VB application which uses the MCI Multimedia Control both
to Play and Record WAV files.  It generally works, though occasionally I
get ERROR 322 - MMSYSTEM322 All wave devices that can record files in
this format are in use. Try again when a wave device is free.  I believe
(though I'm not sure) that this error only happens after I"ve issued the
RECORD command.  Again, it doesn't happen all the time, only
intermintttently.  I'm developing the application in Windows 95 and, to
the best of my knowledge,  there are no other applications running which
are accessing my sound card.  If anyone can offer any advice I'd sure
appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.


Tue, 13 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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