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 New at DBGrid

I  have been struggling to figure out how to use DBGrid that came with VB5 .. I
can find no books on the subject .. I contacted APEX and they told me to
download survival kit .. That was fine except there was only one sample that
pertained to "unbound" access which is what I need .. Can anyone suggest a book
of any kind that would explain DBGrid .. If not, a small sample program that
would work with VB5 .. I am not asking for anyone to code for me  ..what I am
trying to get is either a book or something that I can get working and then
experiment with it .. So far, I did get one sample and tried to get it to work
.. all I was trying to do was during "form load", to populate the grid .. To
make it simple for me, I am only reading one record (just to get it to work) ..
my problem is that nothing but the grid appears on the screen .. I try to use
the de{*filter*} and verify the fields .. everything looks good but it does not
show up on the screen .. What I am asking is either the name of a book .. or, a
small sample program in VB5 that I could play with .. or, a suggestion on what
I might be doing wrong .. I have been on this off and on for 2 months .. I
would appreciate any suggestions or advice .. thank you very much ..  This is a
part of the code I am using ..

MaxCol = 0
    For Each Fld In RecSet.Fields
        TDBGrid1.Columns.Add MaxCol
        Set Colm = TDBGrid1.Columns(MaxCol)
        Colm.Caption = Fld.Name
        Colm.Visible = True
        Colm.DividerStyle = 1
        Set Flds(MaxCol) = Fld
        MaxCol = MaxCol + 1
    Next Fld

Thu, 18 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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