Excel worksheet question 
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 Excel worksheet question

I think I have started out the right way.  I go to
project/components/insertable objects and click on the MS Excel Spreadsheet
box.  Then click ok and in my tool box is the little icon for sheet.  Then I
go ahead an add one to my form and that is about how far I get.

I am lost on how to examine and manipulate data values in each cell.  I've
spend a lot of time on the msdn web site searching for references but they
are not very helpfull.  Even things Dim rng1 as Excel.Range come back with
unknown type.

Is there a simple HOW TO out there?  I am not trying to do anything fancy.
Just fill up some columns and rows and then change some data.



Sat, 28 Aug 2004 22:43:57 GMT  
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