c, java, basic, visual code converters 
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 c, java, basic, visual code converters

>I'm looking for some code converters...
>vbasic --> C++
>ms-acess --> c++
>or vice versa
>any suggestions ?
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Why do you want to convert VB (ms-access is VB) to C++ ?? If you think its
a great speed advantage, guess again...C++ will use the SAME DB engines to
access your databases. So many people think that C++ is just pure speed and
it always is not the case. I program in C++, VB 4(16 bit) & 5, and JAVA and
I dont build that many apps that gain speed from using C/C++. Now if
there's functionality that VB can't give you I am 100% on that bandwagon.
C++ and even JAVA can do things that VB can't. So I would be curious to
hear your reasons behind a conversion.....


Tue, 07 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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