Q: Problems with System Tray functionality in VB5 and question about TaskBar/System Tray 
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 Q: Problems with System Tray functionality in VB5 and question about TaskBar/System Tray

I'm using some System Tray Win32 functions in my VB5 SP3 (NT Workstation
V4.0 SP3) application.  They work *almost* OK.  Actually, I've two
problems with my current implementation:

* Putting my application on the System Tray causes the system message box
to get re-located to the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Only a
reboot seems to fix this according to another Usenet posting found in
www.dejanews.com.  Is this completely correct?  I wasn't able to find
anyone else who'd reported a similar problem so it maybe is something I'm
doing myself that is causing this problem.  Anyone know?  I've read
something about MessageDlgPos() but don't know how to use it?

* As part of the right-click functionality in System Tray, I pop up the
AboutBox of the application proper.  However, I cannot click on OK as focus
isn't on the form, not cannot it be placed using my mouse pointer.  I have
to click on another window on my screen before I can safely return to
AboutBox to click OK.  Why is this happening?

One closing question: Is it possible to alter the right-click menu seen in
the TaskBar to be the same as that seen in the user-defined right-click
System Tray for my application?  It would be nice to have both menus

Many thanks,


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Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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