Experienced Game Programmer Looking for Assistance with 2.5D Game 
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 Experienced Game Programmer Looking for Assistance with 2.5D Game

Hi everyone. My name is Kamilche, and I'm the creator of the 2.5D game
Incarnation, downloadable at www.incarnationserver.com. Incarnation is
an online massively-multiplayer graphical adventure game, similar to
'The Realm' by Sierra Online. If you're not familiar with The Realm,
think 'King's Quest' with multiple people online.

I've been creating Incarnation for a while now, and have got it to a
playable state. You can log on, chat in room and the 'All>' channel,
walk around, change clothes, talk to other people, roleplay animals,
pick up/drop objects, and create your own rooms.

Personal circumstances have forced me back into working for money for a
while, and I won't be able to devote as much time to this game's
completion as I'd like. However, it's a great game, and I hate to see
it languish due to my lack of time.

So - what I'm looking for, is intermediate to advanced level VB
programmers that are interested in helping me finish this {*filter*}
project. What do you get out of it? Experience, and shared ownership of
the {*filter*} engine at the end.

I am willing to open source the work I've done so far, but it needs a
rewrite. The old server program relied too much on 'TCP connection ID'
for everything, which made it difficult to incorporate NPC's and
monsters. The old graphic engine didn't allow for choreographed
animation, which made 'turn-based' combat difficult. I know where the
inadequacies lie, and based on my experience in getting it this far,
will be drawing up a new design structure.

I am not willing to teach someone how to program in VB. I don't have
enough time, and that's the main reason I'm looking for help, as I
mentioned earlier. VB, you've gotta already know. With the old client,
you'll get to know dirty rectangle processing, windowed DirectX
(DirectDraw) with frame speeds in excess of 100 fps, the room
structure, the basic graphics engine, auto-update techniques, and more.
With the new client, you'll get to help add choreographed animation,
pathfinding, and more.  With the old server, you'll get to know TCP
communications via the Catalyst SocketWrench tool, world structure in
general, security issues, special condition handling, world theory and
design, and more. With the new server we'll be writing, you'll get to
know the Windows API calls necessary to build an engine to allow
thousands to log on at the same time, combat engines, and more.

So - if you're a good VB programmer, and are greatly interested in

Lukewarm respondents need not apply!

--Kamilche, author of Incarnation

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Thu, 29 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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