Default printer fonts for Win '95/98 not working 
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 Default printer fonts for Win '95/98 not working

This has been a persistent problem for me. With VB3 without selecting a
particular font, I used to call printer.print and everyone's printer
would print out in standard COURIER font. With VB5 and 32 bit
programming I find some computers that will not default to COURIER and
end up printing giberish or someother hughly large font size.

I have tried setting the font with:  Printer.Fontname = "COURIER" but
that doesn't always work. Then I used the the Fonts object as suggested
in the VB5 help file and created an instance of a font object. The fonts
now come out much too small. So I have to use a multiplier on
"myfont.size * (3 to 4)" to make the font the correct size. The font
size then will look correct when printing to a LaserJet Series II, but
it will much too large when printed to an HP 550C Inkjet printer. So
this approach is not working for me either.

Printing used to be so simple and straight forward.

Has anyone solved this problem?  Anyone have a solid reliable method of
setting the default printer font for a program? I would like to initiate
the COURIER font upon loading of the program. (Incidentally, even though
it's ugly COURIER is a non-proportional font that will line up in
columns nicely.)

Thanks for your help.

Doug Vernier

Sun, 04 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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