HELP !! questions in VB 4.0 
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 HELP !! questions in VB 4.0

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I have three questions regarding VB4.0 and MS Access 2.0.

1)  How do I update a record? In this particular case sometimes I'll
update the record and sometimes I'll add a new record.

The addnew part is working fine but the update part is not working.I'm
searching the particular record which i want to update using as SQL by
giving the primary key value.If record is "found" I want to "UPDATE"
otherwise I want to do "ADDNEW".right now I'm doing this in an indirect
way. (i.e.) I'm selecting the record and deleting it.Then adding the
same record as "addnew".This works fine but I don't want to do it this
way. Please help.I used "recordset.edit" for update and
"recordswet.addnew" for a new record.

2) I want to pass the "attribute name" to a function.For e.g. I have a
table called "type" in which i have attributes (or fields) namely
type1,type2, etc... I want to add a new value to one of this fields.Note
I'm not adding a new record.I just want to add a new value to one of the
fields say type1.I want to open the field type1 and go to the first
empty cell and add the new value.These type1,type2, etc  are used in
different forms so i want to make it as a common routine.

The problem i have is I'm able to pass the new value,dataset and the
type number ( say 1 or 2 ) but I'm not  able to open the particular
field.when i have this code local to each of the forms it just works

3)How do I make corrections in  the menu editor? I created the menu
editor but when i want to make changes it would not open.The control
does not work.It just freezes.

please help.

I would appreciate if you can send a mail to me at

Mon, 22 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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