How to shutdown PC via serial port-switch? 
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 How to shutdown PC via serial port-switch?


A customer wants to make a on/off-switchbutton connected via serial port
This switch has to turn off the computer.
How do I know in Visual Basic 6 when he has switched the button to take
appropriate action?
We connected pins 8 & 9 from a DB9-standard connector for serial I/O (maybe
this is not wright?!)

Pin assignment for com1:

  a.. Pin 1 - Received Line Signal Detect
  b.. Pin 2 - Received Data
  c.. Pin 3 - Transmitted Data
  d.. Pin 4 - Data Terminal Ready (DTR)
  e.. Pin 5 - Signal Ground
  f.. Pin 6 - Data Set Ready (DSR)
  g.. Pin 7 - Request to Send (RTS)
  h.. Pin 8 - Clear to Send (CTS)
  i.. Pin 9 - Ring Indicator (RI)
Program has to be started with Windows (minimized in tray), it has to check
the status of the button and close all programs and Windows after switching.
I know the code is not more than 10 or 20 lines for doing that, but how do
you program it?

I'm stuck, please help me with this.


Sat, 22 Jan 2005 00:41:32 GMT  
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