Curious ADO error - for the GURUs out there 
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 Curious ADO error - for the GURUs out there


I am currently developing a client-server system. It's actually ready for

However we have reinstalled our clients with new software (running Win95 SR2
with Iexplorer 5.0).

My system was running fine under the old installation - I'm using a
connectionstring with OLEDB.3.51.

Under the new setup the system demands a connectionstring with OLEDB.4.0.

That's OK - if only my system could comply.

BUT! when running the application everything works fine right up until the
moment any change has to be made (only observed so far in connection with

The error is simply Err = -2147217887. Error = 'Errors occurred'.

I am using the Adodc control, Visual Basic 6.0  SP3 Enterprise.

What is causing the error?

If I want to keep the 3.51 then what files do I need to make sure are copied
to the client machines?

An urgent reply would be appreciated.



Sat, 16 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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