Bind image control to database field? 
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 Bind image control to database field?

My application is written in VB4 16-bit.  I've got an Image control on my
form, and I want to fill it with a bitmap that's stored in a table in an
Access database.  I figured it would be as easy as setting the DataSource
the dao object which contains the dataset of my table, and setting the
DataField to the field that contains the bitmap.  No go.  VB always says
"Invalid Picture" when I change the record in the dao object.  My other
was to use Image1.Picture = daoFamily.Dataset("View3"), where View3 is the
field that contains the bitmap.  Again, no success.  This time, I got a
mismatch error.  Anyone know a good way to do this?  Thanks.


Thu, 21 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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