Field Validation or Input checking 
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 Field Validation or Input checking


I am new to VB 5.0 coming from Pascal.  I am just
getting the hang of the object oriented concept and
have a question related to a project that I am
working on.

I am interefacing with an access database and have
used the forms wizard to generate data input forms.

The problem I am having is when a user does the
following or something similar.  User inputs a
string value where the form is expecting a number.  
Of course the program chokes and crashes.  I know I
need to add a routine to check the contents of the
textbox before the data from the form gets written
to the database.  In pascal I would have just
written an input routine procedure.  

My question is does Visual Basic have built in
routines to do this or must I write some code for
each text box?

Any help appreciated.


Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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