Error 429 activex componant failed someware!! 
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 Error 429 activex componant failed someware!!


I have VB5 with service pack 3.  My computer is a PII 300 runing windows

When I compile a program and create an install using install shield
express V2.04 and then install this on a computer running windows 95 My
program gives a 429 error refering to an activex control not
registered.  The VB program uses DAO and I suspect it may be the
problem.  I have had two controls not register on instalation.  These
are Stdole2.tlb and dao2535.dll.  I have fixed the STDold2 file by using
the one in the redist area of install shield.  I have grabed older
version of the DAO dll's but all does not come right untill I compile on
a clean version of win95.

I have formated a computer with a clean version of windows 95 and then
installed VB and install shield.  When I compile my code and create the
install......  everything works on other computers.

Can anyone tell me what the difference is to cause the conflict or am I
doomed to have to formating clean versions of win95 just to compile my
software for others to use???


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