Joins, Cursors and Updatable Recordsets with RDO 
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 Joins, Cursors and Updatable Recordsets with RDO

Another little question...

I've been trying to use the 'new, optimized for SQL Server' Remote
Data Objects to access a resultset which was created as a result of
an outer join on two tables.  (using the a WHERE statement in a SQL

However, it seems that the resulting resultset is only read-only- I get an
error that 'Cursor is read only'..  Is there anyway to set the cursor
so that I can update the resultset again?

Or is it impossible to update an rdoResultset that is based on two tables
in the database?

It seems a little odd that the objects would behave like this, at least to
my mind.


Tue, 16 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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