ANNOUNCE: Adorn 3D - Create 3D user interfaces 
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 ANNOUNCE: Adorn 3D - Create 3D user interfaces

Adorn 3D is the first tool that allows any programmer or graphic designer
to create 3D user interfaces and user interface controls for Window 95 and
Windows NT 4.0. Using Adorn 3D, you can create interactive 3D content for
any application that supports ActiveX, including Microsoft Visual Basic,
Visual C++, Visual J++, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Delphi,
Powerbuilder, etc.

Adorn 3D Standard Edition comes with all the tools necessary to build 3D
control panels, buttons, sliders, dials, levers, or 3D virtual reality
scenes. Our 3D modeler allows you to build 3D objects with full control
over cameras, materials (metals, wood, etc), lighting (spot lights, point
lights, etc.), and user interaction. You attach user interface objects to
objects in your design to make them respond to user mouse clicks, drag
movements, keyboard interaction, etc.

Adorn 3D Professional adds a complete diagramming metaphor, so that you can
build interactive 3D diagramming, flowchart, chemical modeling,
engineering, visual programming language, circuit design, electronic
layout, or any application using the diagramming metaphor. You can present
your end-user with palettes of 3D objects that can be dropped onto an Adorn
3D window and connected together. All the features of the Adorn 3D modeler
can be used to design the objects and connections, so the look and feel of
the entire user interface are left to your imagination.

Go to http::// to download a free trial.

Bill Donahue
SandStone Technology Inc.

Fri, 01 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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