how i send attachment in the biginnig when sending the mail with olemsg32.dll 
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 how i send attachment in the biginnig when sending the mail with olemsg32.dll


i use vb5 with win95

i using olemsg32.dll to send outlook message.

i also use writertf.dll to write richtext to the message body .

when using this method, how can i position the attachment to the begging
of the body of the mail.

.positoin = 1 , doesnt do it.

code example
(createnewmessage is a sub that create the new message)

    Set oSession = CreateObject("MAPI.SESSION")
    oMessage.Subject ="ttt"

   Set oAttach = oMessage.Attachments.Add
    With oAttach
        .Name = Fname
        .Type = mapiFileData
        .ReadFromFile Fname
        .Position = 1
    End With

    'Set the RTF property
    bRet = WriteRTF(oSession.Name, oMessage.ID, _
                    oMessage.StoreID, Rtext.TextRTF)
    Set oMessage = Nothing
    Set oMsgFilter = oSession.Outbox.Messages.Filter
    oMsgFilter.Fields(ActMsgPR_ENTRYID) = MessageID
    Set oMessage = oSession.Outbox.Messages.GetFirst

    ' Clear the Message Filters
    Set oMsgFilter = Nothing
    Set oSession.Outbox.Messages.Filter = Nothing

    ' Send the message

Any ideas ?

marlin boiman

Sun, 03 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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