Tracking other processes with Visual Basic 
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 Tracking other processes with Visual Basic


I'm having no luck in solving a problem that has been bothering me for a

I want to spawn a process from my Visual Basic application, and then monitor
that process to take action when it has completed its run (due to an error
or otherwise)  I have tried many things using various combinations of
shellexecute and watching window handles, with no luck.  Here is where I am

' mark this as a running process
queuePtr.flag = "RUN"

' execute the application
r = ShellExecute(0, "open", queuePtr.executable, queuePtr.params, 0, 1)

queuePtr.hwnd = GetForegroundWindow()
lasthwnd = queuePtr.hwnd

' when the new window for the application pops up, record its handle
While lasthwnd = queuePtr.hwnd
queuePtr.hwnd = GetForegroundWindow()
' I should now have the correct handle in queuePtr.hwnd

Then, using a timer, I would check to see if the handle was gone.  If it
was, I could take appropriate action.

  If current.flag = "RUN" Then
    tmp = IsWindow(current.hwnd)
    If IsWindow(current.hwnd) = 0 Then
        current.flag = "DONE"
    End If

  End If

This doesn't seem to work for me.  Does anyone have an insight into why this
is not working?  Or perhaps a better way to accomplish the same task?
Thanks a lot...

Phil Schaechter

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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