unable to load forms designer add-in 
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 unable to load forms designer add-in

I'm fairly new to VB. I'm running 16-bit VB 4.0 under Win 95 (for a number
of reasons). I decided to look at the data form designer add-in. First I went
to "references" under tools and checked "Data Access Form Designer Add-in for
VB4". Then I went to the add-in manager and checked "Data Form Designer" and
received a message box saying "Data Form Designer could not be loaded. Remove
it from the list of available add-ins?" When I look in the object browser, I
see the entry for "Data Access Form Designer Add-in for VB4", but when I
select it, the show, paste, options, and help buttons are all greyed out.
Is it significant that the name of the feature is different in the different

Can someone explain this to me? It's not that I desparately need the forms
designer, I'd just like to figure out why I can't load it.

Maxine Gerber

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Maxine Gerber
PCG Systems

Tue, 22 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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