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        I am having a problem in VB3.0 for the project I am doing. I
have an access database with three tables:-
                        1. Employee table
                        2. Bitmap Table
                        3. Wave table
        For each employee in the employee table we have the employee
information and a reference to the bitmap table which has an OLE object
field which stores many different bitmaps for a particular employee. There is
also a reference to the wave table which stores different wave files for
a particular employee(the wave field is also an OLE object).
        Now my Visual Basic program has two forms. Form1 Basically is
used to get all the information for a employee(like name, street....this
was the easy part). Clicking a button opens from2 in which I wish to
store,display(as I move through the database) all the pictures and the
wave files. At this point I am able to play different wave file using a
data control which refers to the wave table. But the data control moves
through the entire set of records for all employees not just the
particular employee.
        I need help in playing wave and displaying pictures for a
particular employee, and be able to record and store for that particular
employee. I would really appreciate if someone can suggest some simple
methods for this, and would greatly appreciate if I can get hands on
some sample code.
        Thank you very much in advance. Please feel free to e-mail to

Mon, 01 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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