seek VB expert to rough out a unique app... virtual tractor pull! 
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 seek VB expert to rough out a unique app... virtual tractor pull!

I'd like to create a special attraction at our state fair this year: I call it
Virtual Tractor Pull. You shout as long and loud into a microphone as you can:
the mic connects to a laptop's sound card, and a program in VB likstens to the
incoming audio level. As long as the level is above a pre-set threshold, the
program advances a flip book pf graphic stills once a second to animate the
movement of a cartoon tractor across the computer screen. Movment/ advance of
the tractor icon stops if a dip in loudness or any momentary break o (taking a
breath) occurs. Anything over, say, a minute is a "full pull", and appropriate
reward screens ensue. It should also automatically re-set after each score is
given, or after any interruption in level, like somebody passing out;-)

I only have enough skills to describe it, not to write it. I can almost pull
this off in powerpoint, but am stuck at the monitoring audio and triggering the
graphics part. I'm told this would all run heaps better as pure VB.... Anybody
care to help me out? It's for a free entertainment area, not for money. TIA for
any help or advice you care to give.

Fri, 01 Oct 2004 08:16:43 GMT  
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