Comctl32 won't load in VB5 
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 Comctl32 won't load in VB5

Hi Sean,

I've encountered similar problems from time to time with VB. Mostly,
these problems occured not because the OCX xouldn't be loaded, but
because it was the wrong version.

Maybe you installed another software and this program replaced your
OCX with another version. In nearly all cases, reinstalling VB helped
with this.

Good luck,


>This problem with comctl32.ocx seemed to come out
>of nowhere.  Loading projects that contain comctl32.ocx
>devices (sliders, etc.) pop up a dialog that say that
>Comctl32.ocx can't be loaded.  The odd thing is that
>instead of reporting that they can't be loaded from
>C:/windows/system, it reports that they can't be loaded
>from the directory that the project is in.  I've tried copying
>the OCX file into that directory, but the message still

Wed, 15 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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