Have any of you guys seen this happen? 
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 Have any of you guys seen this happen?

I guess I don't really expect a reponse to this, but I would very much
appreciate one... This is in the "it could only happen to me" category.
Here's whats going on:
I made a program(VB6, SP5) with a dll that connects to an Access (Pro 97)
database. I made some upgrades to the .dll. I compiled the dll under Binary
Now(it gets wierd) I get an error when I try to load a ListView from a
disconnected Recordset that originates from the dll. The error is "3265"
"Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name
or ordinal"  Sounds like I got a table name or something wrong right? Nope!
this program ran just fine before.
I did a little debugging. (?RS.Fields(4).Name) and the field name that comes
up is a name that I changed to the existing name long before I ever compiled
the first dll or exe. maybe there's some bits laying around in the
background from access confusing my app? also, I've switched from Win98 to
XP could that be creating the bits to bite? Any ideas? *lessons* are most
welcome here.

Sat, 11 Sep 2004 09:52:31 GMT  
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