VB 6.0 Data Report question 
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 VB 6.0 Data Report question


A recordset can be assigned as follows.  How you actually get the recordset
is a different story.  rsData is the recordset.

Set MyReport.DataSource = rsData
MyReport.Show 1



>How can I bind a Data report to an ADO recordset?  Do I have to use the
>environment control?

Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 VB 6.0 Data Report question

Any help gratefully received! I'm having trouble with HLLAPI in VB5.
It's WallData's HLLAPI, EHLAPI32.dll

I'm upgrading an old VB version 3 app to VB5, and the HLLAPI calls in it
are also out of date - 16 bit from 4 years ago. I am having trouble with
this function:

WD_Convert(hWND, ROWCOL, iLength). It converts row, column coordinates
into a single integer representing screen location. HELP! It's holding
me up. I'm stuck!

WD_Convert works in the test utility I downloaded from WallData's
website using all the same parameters, and all other functions are fine
in my app - WD_Connect, WD_CopyPStoString, etc. But WD_Convert comes
back with a 9999, or bad row or col parameter. My ROWCOL data structure
is very simple: RowCol.Row as Integer, RowCol.Col as Integer.

I am at a complete loss and a complete standstill. Any help at all.

Thanks all!


Sun, 11 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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