Calling a helpfile (again) 
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 Calling a helpfile (again)

I'm sorry David, i was afraid i was not clear enough.
When pushing the F1 button you get the "MAIN opening help screen".
I want this emulated without pressing F1 (i want to have a menu entry).
In programming form i only get topics,index etc. wich i don't need.


> Here's one way:

> Set the App object's HelpFile property and set a form's HelpContextID
> property to the number of a topic in the help file. Now when the user
> presses F1 the help file will be opened at that topic. If you want a
> topic about a specific control set the control's HelpContextID and
> this will be used in preference to the HelpContextID of the form.

> > hi,
> > How can i call a helpfile within VB as if i was pressing the F1 button.
> > With this type of programming i only get the index or content of my
> > helpfile:

> >     cdbopen.HelpFile = App.Path + "\DXulator.hlp"
> >     cdbopen.HelpCommand = &HB
> >     cdbopen.ShowHelp

> > thanks!
> > Hans van den Tillaart

Fri, 29 Jul 2005 16:03:27 GMT  
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