VB6 network drive - local drive bug 
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 VB6 network drive - local drive bug

With VB6 Pro I created a simple filemanager (with filelistbox and
Dirlistbox). I've tested it at home and it works fine. At work (NT 4.0
clients, NetWare 4.11 network with namespaces) I tested it also - but I
found a very strange behaviour:

a file in a path that only contains pathnames <8 characters the filename is
shown correctly (long)

does the path contain (only one is enough) a pathname >8 the filenames in
the filelistbox are cut down to 8.3



results: longfilename123.txt in the filelistbox


results: longfile.txt (8.3) because of the left part of the path

Can someone explain that behaviour ?
Is this a bug (or a feature)?

Thank you very much

Sven Ryback

Tue, 25 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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