comctl32.ocx version 5.01.4319 - won't load 
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 comctl32.ocx version 5.01.4319 - won't load

Anybody out there distributing this version of the ocx with their app?
We included a new control in our app that needs this latest version of
the ocx to function properly.  However, when we run the setup on a
clean machine and then run the exe, an error is generated that says
the ocx could not be loaded.  I suspect that there is a new file that
the ocx is dependent on that we are missing in our set up but is
present in the development machines.  Any ideas?

I originally thought that this new ocx needed the msvbvm50 file, but
to my surprise, this file is not present on all of the development
machines and the app runs fine on all of them.  Also, the lastest
versions of files such as comdlg32, tabctl32, and comct232, which I
understood to be needed, are either out of date or not present on some
machines which run the app successfully.  What am I missing?  the app
ran fine until we went to this comctl.ocx version.

We are using VB4 32 and the problem occurrs on both NT and 95.

Thanks for any info

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Mon, 09 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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