Sending key command to a global hot key 
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 Sending key command to a global hot key

        I have a problem and was wondering if someone would be willing
to help.  

I have a project that I THOUGHT would be simple enough to do.  I am
trying to activate the global hot key defined by a third party windows
programs.  Basically, I want to simulate the pressing and holding of a
particular key with a command button.  Then simulate releasing that
same key with a 2nd command button.  My project has a combo box and I
am using .additem to define the keys available for this project to
activate the global hot key.  I have tried sendkeys method and
sendinput method but where i am having problems is that I want to
simulate pressing and holding down the key like you would if you
manually pressed it and held it.  

If someone has some example code suggestions to simulate pressing and
holding a key and then releasing it, I would appricate it.  I was
thinking of a keydown and key up but that doesnt seem to quite fit the
bill either.  

The the global hot key defined by the third party program can be
activated even if the program doesnt have focus.  The hot keys
definable in this program are  Ctrl, Space, and F1 through F12
I can get the key codes.  I just need some suggestions on how to
activate and hold the global hot key from a command button and then
release it with another command button.  

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Sat, 09 Oct 2004 00:06:10 GMT  
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