WIN95 Resource Leak 
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 WIN95 Resource Leak

Hi All,

We're using the following configuration:
1. WIN95 (customer requirement)
2. VB6 SP5
3. Janus Gridex 2000 (third party control)
4. 256 colors (believe it or not, it matters)

Our problem is as follows:
When loading the control in runtime, repeatedly (that is - load,
unload, load, unload), we suffer from a major resource leak (cause by
a GDI leak).

When we switch the colours to 16 bit (AKA: 65535 or High color) the
leak disappears.

Has anyone encountered a similar symptom ?
Does anyone have any (good) explanation ?
Can anyone refer me to an article on that subject, or a build of Janus
Grid 2000 that does not suffer from this problem ?

Thanks for your help,

Fri, 13 Aug 2004 00:48:22 GMT  
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