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 Split screen

For one of my program, i want put a split screen function like netscape

I begin the function but i have some troubles, the composition of the
split screen in a frame and on the frame a treeview on the left and a
list view on the right....

I use the events mousemove, mousedown and mouseup of the frame to drive
the split function.

That's good : The icon change when i'm on the split zone

That's is not so good : Some time, when the mouve mouve is not linear,
the resize do not

That's not good : I don't arrive to modify the icon of the treeview and
the listview when i want resize !!!!!
                  I can't display a line over the listview and treeview to materialize
the new size during resizing. The line is always botton the view object.

Help me



         Thierry Leurent
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Fri, 21 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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