Application problem - Illegal Operation oc25.dll 
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 Application problem - Illegal Operation oc25.dll


I have a frustrating problem. I an urecoverable error "Application has
performed and illegal function"  with VB4.0 (16 bit). I am running a vb app on
two computers both with W95 (one is a laptop). My app runs fine on the desktop
computer - crashes on the laptop. I get a GPF associated with the OC25.dll (I
don't know what this Dll does).

My error occurs when redrawing/refreshing a Sheridan Grid (Data Widgets 2.0)
via a data control. The Dll versions are the same on both computers.

Any Ideas? (I sent this to Sheridan also). Thanks for your help.
Please cc me directly.

Sun, 08 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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