Reinitiate printersettings after changing registry 
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 Reinitiate printersettings after changing registry


I have written a little prog that changes the paper orientation in the
registry for the printer. Therefore I use the
LaserJet 4L\Default DevMode" key from the registry (on NT4). Somewhere in
there, there is a bit that sets the paperorientation. But if I change it (I
check if it is really changed -> oke), this has no effect at all. If I look
for the settings in Printers/Document Defaults the paperorientation is

I read on a number of places that you should send a sort of a notification
broadcast to all programs to let them know you changed something. But I have
nowhere seen any code/command that does this.

Does anyone knows about this problem? Is there a solution besides leaving
the registry untouched?

I really need to use the registry because the settings I make aren't used in
my program but in all windows programs (default settings for all apps).

Please some feedback.


Bart Vanden Driessche.

Thu, 10 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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