Student having some problems with friend overload functions 
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 Student having some problems with friend overload functions

Hi group, I am teaching myself C++ as you know, so excuse the constant
postings to this group. You have helped a lot and I am appreciative of it.
Anyway, heres my problem:

I am practising overloading operators, I can successfully compile a program
that is a member of a class, but when the overload function is a freind of a
class, the program won't compile nor will it give me a discription of what
is going on (The error has been added to the code below). I have tried
declaring and defining the function several ways, all of which produce the
same error. I am using Microsoft C++ 6.0 and have not 'fiddled' with the
compilers parameters or any of the settings. I have typed the code exactly
as it was in the book.

Is there something that I am not doing? I hope someone could shed some light
on this.... Thanks in advance.

Heres the code:

[start snip]

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class MyClass {
 MyClass() {};
 MyClass(int x, int y) { var1 = x, var2 = y; }

 void show() { cout << var1 << " " << var2 << endl; }


The declaration of the following friend function, causes this error:

  C:\Ioan`s Stuff\Personal\Programming Stuff\Visual C++\Rc\RC.cpp(11) :
        (compiler file 'msc1.cpp', line 1786)
         Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
         Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more
   Error executing cl.exe.

 friend MyClass operator+(MyClass x, MyClass y);
 int var1, var2;


MyClass operator +(MyClass x, MyClass y) {
 MyClass temp;

 temp.var1 = x.var1 + y.var1;
 temp.var2 = x.var2 + y.var2;

 return temp;


void main() {
 MyClass ob1(10, 20), ob2(30, 40), ob3;

 cout << "\nValues passed to constructor\n";
 cout << "ob1: ";;

 cout << "ob2: ";;

 cout << "\nAdding ob1 to ob2; assigning values to ob3\n";
 ob3 = ob1 + ob2;

 cout << "\nPerformed Addition\n"; file://Notify User

 cout << "\nValues after addition\n";
 cout << "ob3: ";;

 file://New line before press any key...
 cout << endl;


[end snip]

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