Switching from inhouse software to canned package. 
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 Switching from inhouse software to canned package.

Oh that's wonderful......
Let's let the technology drive the operations.....

Technology should enhance operations not hamstring it.

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>Our company wants to switch from inhouse software (written on a VAX) to an
>ERP package called Encore. We are a semiconductor processor and distributor
>and have about 100 users. At first we were going to gradually going switch
>over from the VAX to VB but now management want to use this canned package
>instead. At first I thought there is no way a package will work because out
>requirements are so specialized, but now I'm starting to like the idea
>because it will force the users to adapt to a simpler system. I think we
>have been using the inhouse system for so long that the users are getting
>out of hand with their requirements. You know, stuff like "Could you make
>it so that when John enters an order on a Thursday it automatically prints
>out to Bldg 2 instead of Bldg 3?" And then a year later I invariably get
>this question, "How come when John enters an order sometimes it prints to
>bldg2 and sometime it prints to bldg3?" The point is that a canned package
>will force them to stay within certain guidlines and the overall system
>will be easier to manage. The question is will the canned package even come
>close to meeting our basic requirements?

>Any thoughts?


Sun, 12 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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