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 Free: Source for (VB Code Formatting Tool)

   I have been working on a Visual Basic Code Formatting tool for a
while now.  I have written it mostly in VB Script and embedded it into
a web page on my web site.  In this way a programmer using IE can go to
my site and paste their code into the textarea and set some options and
have the script properly indent and format the code.  The is very
useful, I think, when I have to take over another programmer's project
and they wrote it in a sloppy manner.  I wrote it in VB Script so that
it can be used by anyone on the net.  Also, you can EASILY copy the VB
Script functions and paste them into your VB IDE and turn it into an

--What I am after--
  I want to keep this as GNU/Open Source/Public Domain type code.
Right now I am calling on all of you VB gurus out their to go to this
page and send me some ideas, source code changes, bug fixes or
whatever.  I want anything that will make this a better tool for taking
sloppy VB source code and spitting out clean looking polished uniform
code!  This is for all of us. All of us programmers that have taken
over a project that some dumb a$$ programmer that never heard of
Hungarian notation and thinks that 'Command1' and 'Command2' are good
names for controls (Ahhhh!) and indents their code differently in every
other line.

--The future of this project--
  Hopefully this project will grow and eventually incorporate enough
options to please even the most odd programmers.  Also, I would like to
see features for identifying variable and control names and allow the
user to rename them using hungarian notation or whatever added.
  One main aspect that I would like keep is the ability to keep the VB
Script code written in a manner that will continue allow it to be
easily converted to a VB exe, for faster performance.

--The link--
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ike-world/VBSCodeFormatter.html
Any good ideas will be posted.  Also, I plan on posting the source code
for a exe version of the code.  If your ideas are used you will be
fully credited for your contribution.

  Jason 'Ike' Stracner
  'Ike-World Software'

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