Illegal operation,Spsswin, Ole32.dll 
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 Illegal operation,Spsswin, Ole32.dll


When I try to combine VB, Excel and Spss, I'll get the error 'illegal
operation', with the next details:

SPSSWIN heeft een fout met betrekking tot een ongeldige pagina veroorzaakt
module OLE32.DLL op0157:65f18ae3.
EAX=00cbe844 CS=0157 EIP=65f18ae3 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=00a55cfc SS=015f ESP=00c6fbb0 EBP=00000000
ECX=00000003 DS=015f ESI=00a55cfc FS=10ff
EDX=00a5dc60 ES=015f EDI=00a8c368 GS=0000
Bytes in CS:EIP:
8b 00 ff 50 08 8b 46 18 50 8b 00 ff 50 10 8b 46
00cbe844 81774b90 00a8c368 00a8c36c 00000000 65f180f8 65f187b3 65f180f8
00000001 fff9474b 00a8c364 81774b90 65f188aa 65f4690f 00a8c364 00c6fc24

Main references in this order: Ole automation, Spss type library, Spss
pivot table library, Spss rtf library, Microsoft Dao 351 object library

VB Code:

Public objSpssApp As ISpssApp

Set objSpssApp = CreateObject("SPSS.Application")

... do important things ...

objSpssApp.Quit 'this one causes the error

Can somebody please tell me what's wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Sun, 30 Mar 2003 14:04:12 GMT  
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