HELP!! - Saving Bitmaps+Data 
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 HELP!! - Saving Bitmaps+Data

Can someone please help solve a problem for me ???

A program I have written imports a bitmap and then allows the user to
modify this bitmap to their own liking. This has been done using VB
3.0 Professional Edition. I wish  to allow the user to save the
changed bitmap together with the associated data of the changes into
one single file . The data of the changes are stored in a  type
variable of 100 to 200 bytes in length. I wish to do this ( for
example) so the user is able to transfer copies of their work (i.e.:
the bitmap and type variable) via a floppy disk to another machine.
I realise that the image of the picture box has to be saved rather
than the picture. However,  I am unaware of how to save a bitmap image
with a type variable into one file.

 Does any body know how this can be done ????

Ken White

Perth, Western Australia


       "Beauty is the Eye of the Beer Holder"

Mon, 16 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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