Seeking testers for Final Beta of Communications Component for .NET (and .NET Compact Framework) 
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 Seeking testers for Final Beta of Communications Component for .NET (and .NET Compact Framework)

We are nearing the release of our .NET/CF.NET serial communications
component (RS232, RS485, USB Serial, etc.) for VB.NET / C# / J# and
are seeking individuals and companies interested in testing the final
beta release which is available immediately and only to participants
in the beta program.

We will be releasing the final component in a matter of weeks; a
number of free copies of the final release are available for select
beta testers who submit feedback on the .NET (Windows 98+) and/or the
Compact Framework .NET (Windows CE, Pocket PC) component(s).

If you are creating any type of application utilizing communication in

application process in limited to a hundred developers and will be
closed when full (with exceptions only for applicants with very
grueling test cases).

Please e-mail me with any questions; the initial release is designed
to be rock-solid and with your help we can make it so.

Chris Walker
Chief Software Architect
Charon Software, Inc.

Thu, 27 Oct 2005 09:13:04 GMT  
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